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We are a group of highly productive search and management consultants who are uniquely capable to add value and solve problems quickly and accurately for early stage startups and global corporations. Our need for research is minimal: we have been here through several recessions, more than one bubble, and a couple big bombs. Our consortium of experts can accurately assess if we can help you, how we can help you, and what it will take to get your problem solved.

We have the breadth to be accurate in our recommendations, and save you time, money, and anxiety.

We welcome smaller projects that you might not have considered for outsourcing.

Please consider us when you need immediate help in the following areas:

Executive Search and Talent Acquisition:

  • Types: Retained, Hybrid, Contingency, Confidential, Internal, Hourly, Hiring Teams, and Sourcing
  • Titles: CXO, VP, Director, Manager, Consultants, Leads, Contractors
  • Functions: IT, Finance, Sales, Biz Dev, Ops, Engineering, Software Development, Legal, Legal IT, Consulting
  • Geographically: Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California
    and Arizona

Management Consulting, San Francisco Bay Area

  • Business Optimization, Global Considerations, Process Engineering, Change Management, Logistics, Quality
  • IT Project Management, Custom Programming & Software Development Strong histories in Global Operations, Mobile Domains, Web 2.0, Operations, Finance, Distribution, and Returns. HRIT and Talent Management systems implementation and integration (Workday and Peoplesoft/Oracle.)
  • Creative Services, MarComm, Web, Logo & Package Design

HR Consulting Services:

  • Instant and ethical payroll solutions include 401K, proper withholding, W-2, and Blue Cross Health Insurance option
  • HR Infrastructure, Compliance, Legal and Audit
  • Privacy Policies and Data Security Expertise
  • HRIT and Talent Management Systems Selection, Implementation and Integration
  • Staffing: Hiring Process & Candidate Pool Creation, Ad Strategies & Cost Options, Resume Filtering, Candidate Screening, Top Performer Assessments & Interpretations, Salary Surveys, Reference Checks
  • Leadership and Organizational Development, Executive & Management Coaching, Training, Learning Systems, Employee Retention Counsel

Services for the Job Seeker:

Services available, but not limited to:

  • Social Media Strategies
  • Resume Editing, Word Smithing, and Customization
  • Interview Coaching
  • Introductions when possible
  • General Brainstorming

Since 1990, Linda Tuerk has offered job search advice, resume editing, and interview coaching pro bono to clients, candidates, their neighbors, spouses, children and siblings. And she has enjoyed it. But due to high traffic from job seekers, Linda Tuerk has decided to officially offer her services "on the other side of the business" on a sliding scale per hour. We will not be charging the $5000 similar firms frequently charge for unnecessary packages. The idea is to give the job seeker a quick hit of help, precisely where they want or need it, and most seekers will only need one hour, no more. The unemployed will receive a 50% discount.

Qualifications: In addition to 25+ years experience in Silicon Valley, Linda brings significant experience helping men and women reentering the work force, changing careers, or coming back to society from prison or welfare. Linda started this work in the Tenderloin of San Francisco at Glide Church's Job Skills Program (1995-2002) and InnVision's similar program in San Jose, 2003. Linda's volunteer hours averaged 200 per year, and her students numbered over 2000. Classes included everything from how to dress for an interview to job retention, with the emphasis on finding the most attractive way to tell the truth, but to always tell the truth. This experience with the hourly employee allows her to be of assistance across a large socio-economic range. Currently she gives LinkedIn and resume workshops for the disabled at TransAccess in San Jose

In good times and bad, Linda has formally placed candidates when a client could not pay a fee and a person needed a job. This will continue.

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