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We welcome response and requests for information in the form of brief e-mails* (NO attachments) with the following exceptions...

  1. We can rarely help candidates with less than five years experience.
  2. We cannot help with major career changes, or candidates who are unable to provide references, verify salary, degrees, etc.
  3. We cannot help with relocation to California.
  4. We cannot help with H-1 Visa processing or any other immigration issues.

We will not download any attachments from people we don't know (yet), and we hope you are not offended by this simple virus-avoiding policy.

We will not dump you in a database, what a nice surprise!

Please send a brief e-mail* (no attachments) to
backup e-mail

If for some reason you cannot e-mail, please write to:
P.O. Box 1353
Palo Alto, CA 94302

As a last resort, phone 650-210-9980. Please mention how you were referred. Linda will respond to most inquiries with an appropriate referral to either Linda, Jim, John, or one of our affiliates within 10 business days.

*brief e-mail defined:

  • A "brief e-mail" from a potential client tells us your hiring need and how to get in touch with you.
  • A "brief e-mail" from a potential candidate tells us who you are, how to reach you, something about your experience, what you are looking for, what geography you are open to, and your approximate salary/package. Please feel free to send (in the body of an email) your entire technical summary, including any and all buzzwords that might come up in a search. You can also cut and paste your resume into the e-mail provided it isn't more than three pages. That way we will be able to find you quickly.